Platform Technologies

Neuome philosophy is to develop sustainable platforms which will generate a portfolio of therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic candidates.


Pathogen Diagnostic Kit Platform – Instrument Free and quick results

InstaPreserve RT™

Biospecimen collection, transport and storage technology 


Blend of bioinformatics approaches for lead identification and validation


With the current COVID19 pandemic in focus, Neuome has developed a series of products.

01. Peptide based Rapid Antigen Test Kit

Unique and patent protected, Neuome’s COVID19 diagnostic kit can detect SARS COV2 on the spot in a Lateral Flow Assay Device. COVISPOT, for the regulated markets is undergoing validation for EUA submission to the US FDA.

02. Prophylactic & Therapeutic Peptides

Utilizing Xomics-N platform, Neuome has developed peptides which have shown early positive results as therapeutic and prophylactic agents for COVID19 infection prevention and cure.

03. Pseudo-Pathogen and Spike protein

To help ease the procurement lead times, Neuome has developed the pseudo-pathogen of SARS COV2 and spike protein for research and development use. The high yield expression process was developed indigenously in Bangalore for ready availability in the Indian market.